Are you a person interested in a BA Career or a new BA looking to continue your professional development? 
The IIBA Minneapolis | St. Paul Chapter can help you connect with a mentor so that you can grow your career!  

Our IIBA® Chapter Mentor Program is designed to provide mentoring services to two different stakeholder groups, Chapter Leadership (Leadership Mentoring) and Membership (Member Mentoring).  
Our Mentor Program aims to support, empower and enable Chapter Leaders and Members with experiential guidance, to enable successful leaders and capable business analysis professionals to carry the profession forward by:

Offering IIBA Members support in the area of  business analysis through experience–based guidance 
Enhancing the effectiveness and success of members in key business analysis  areas often found to be troublesome 
Supplementing training in the area of business analysis in geographical areas with limited Chapter or training opportunities
Providing an alternative to classroom training for the business analysis community
Supporting Chapter leaders through leadership mentoring 

Why Become  Mentee?

Receive recommendations on career path and skills development
Obtain constructive feedback on your resume
Build confidence to succeed in interviews
Learn about common Business Analysis pitfalls and ways to prevent them from happening
Earn PDUs or CDUs

Why Become  Mentor?

Increase mentoring skills and use them in numerous personal and professional areas
Learn new technical knowledge and skills
Indirectly “payback” to personal mentors for help received
Increase professional network by developing new professional contacts
Pass on years of experience
Demonstrate ability to develop capable individuals
Gain tremendous satisfaction from contributing to the development of business analysis professionals 

How do you participate?

E-mail [email protected] and say you would like to be connected with a mentor or to serve as one.  Mentor opportunities are available now!  

Note, the Chapter Mentor Program is only available to Chapter Members in good standing.