Mission & Vision

Strengthening the role of business analysis by providing educational, networking and certification opportunities to the Twin Cities Business Analysis practitioners.

We want to do what is right for you. We value your feedback in how we can make this happen for you and your peers. Tell us how we are doing!

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To serve as the thought leadership focal point for Twin Cities Business Analysis Practitioners.

What does that mean? We want to be innovative in our approach and collaborate with you, the Practitioner, to provide the services and support you need to drive your career in Business Analysis. If you would like to be involved in shaping the future of business analysis here in the Twin Cities we want to hear from you!

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* Advance the role of the Business Analyst as a recognized profession. Support opportunities for members to network with, and gain knowledge from, seasoned Business Analysis practitioners, as well as with industry and government leaders.

* Provide access for members to a formal “knowledge base” as well as forums for sharing expertise, expressing professional opinions and building a reputation within the industry.

* Provide pathways to learn about business analysis best practices.

* Obtain and sustain a level of financial security, sustainability and autonomy at the chapter level.

* Create corporate support for the IIBA within the local market by superior marketing/awareness programs that demonstrate the value of Business Analysis and the IIBA.

* Liaise with industry and association partners to increase awareness and benefit of IIBA Chapter members.

Click Here to download the IIBA Minneapolis | St. Paul Chapter Bylaws.

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