Did you know that your Chapter is 100% volunteer run, including Board members?  Without our volunteers, our chapter could not survive or keep costs low as an organization.  There are many ways to contribute to IIBA as a volunteer and advance your career. Opportunities encompass a wide range of interests, skills and goals, so find the opportunity that’s right for you.  Most volunteer opportunities count toward IIBA certification and re-certification.

Through your local IIBA Chapter, members meet their peers, make new contacts, network, build knowledge, share solutions and ideas, and enjoy activities and events. Volunteer positions with our local chapter range from formal positions - such as President,  Vice President of Membership, VP of Events, Vice President of Professional Development, Treasurer, Vice President of Sponsorship and Vice President of Technology - to less formal positions assisting with various events, chapter programs and committees.

These positions offer an exceptional opportunity to build your leadership skills.

Active Global IIBA and IIBA MSP Chapter status is required to serve in any of these roles.  With all roles including board member positions, each person earns CDU's for certification applications or renewal applications.  It is the responsibility of each volunteer to keep track of hours spent and to upload those hours to iiba.org, noting the point of contact for verification of those hours.

IIBA Board of Directors

  • President-Elect - Assists the President in all matters in order to effectively transition to the President role.
  • Secretary - Keeps the records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board. The Secretary is also responsible for all official correspondence with the members and IIBA®, except for committee correspondence.
  • Treasurer - Is responsible for the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the Chapter. The Treasurer is responsible to the Board of Directors and will submit the books for audit each year.
  • VP of Communications - Is responsible for the timely dissemination of information both to and from the Chapter membership, using appropriate means to accomplish the objective and is also responsible for the promotion of the local Chapter and IIBA®  to internal and external publications.  
  • VP of Events - is the point person for coordinating monthly chapter meetings; seeks input from board and others on speaker topics and speakers; serves as point person with speakers; leads meeting venue collaboration including catering and  facility arrangements; leads decision-making on meeting venues.
  • VP of Marketing - Currently an un-defined role that can include responsibilities such as: 1) Create promotional materials like brochures (printed and electronic) 2) Meet or chat with "corporate champions" at various companies to understand their needs and encourage membership, 3) Analyze local organizations hiring BA's and build relationships so that they are aware of IIBA & understand their needs for IIBA MSP meeting topics, 4) Market the chapter at high schools, university career fairs or other job fairs.
  • VP of Professional Development - Encourages gaining IIBA certifications and renewals of certifications; works with Certification Class Facilitators to empower them to lead study sessions.
  • VP of Technology - Empowers the chapter to leverage technology securely and effectively - IIBA email, GSuite, StarChapter Association Management System - leads initiative to provide chapter meeting content to remote participants.

Meeting Support

Chapter Meeting Name Tag Preparer / Attendance Keeper - The night before each meeting, uses our StarChapter association management system to print the name tags on adhesive badge cardstock; brings to chapter meeting by 5:15 pm, joins greeter at the registration table to welcome everyone and help people find badges; registers walk-ins online; updates attendance in StarChapter for the meeting.
Survey Manager - In our StarChapter association management system, prepares the chapter meeting survey prior to each chapter meeting.  After each meeting, confirms with Chapter Meeting Name Tag Perparer or Attendance Keeper that attendance is marked; then sends survey email.  Over time, may recognize the opportunity for other survey topics supporting the chapter and configures those surveys. Prepares semi-annual summary of survey feedback and presents to board.


Certification Class Facilitators

Chapter Class Facilitator - Coordinate a class series and earn credits towards your own certification or re-certification.  As a facilitator, it's your choice whether to meet in person with the class or online, and when.  You work with the Professional Development VP (or designate) to publish your class series on the chapter website, promote it in newsletters and over social media, and accept registrations.  The chapter's WebEx account is available to you as an online option.  IIBA offers preparation materials at iiba.org; additional course materials may also be available through our education sponsors.  


Social Media

Social Media Manager - Promotes the chapter on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  Board members and chapter volunteers will provide you ideas for posting.  You may cascade social media posts from Global IIBA, and we encourage you to generate your own ideas as you get more comfortable with things.  Track metrics over time like number of followers, number of likes, etc.  Prepare an annual report of the social media insights and present findings to the board.


Social Event Leaders

Social Event Coordinator - Healthy chapters provide their BA community with more opportunities to gather than just monthly chapter meetings.  This is especially important in our large MSP metro area.  This individual works with the Board of Directors to plan a few social events during the year, while considering timing relative to chapter meetings.  Help save our chapter resources by negotiating with the venue to offer us a deal on food and drinks in exchange for advertisement on our website and during announcements at a chapter meeting.

Email us today at [email protected] to find out how you can begin enjoying the benefits of volunteering for the positions above.

Please email [email protected] for specific opportunities to volunteer at our Professional Development Day.